Providing High Quality Services 

At HeatPro we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our HVAC specialists are licensed , bonded (#mb006118), and insured. We are able to repair, replace, and maintain heating, air conditioning, and air quality systems throughout the Twin City metropolitan area.

Furnace and air conditioning

repair, maintenance and replacement

  • Repair and maintain all makes and models of heating and cooling systems
  • Replace heating and cooling systems with Payne (carrier), Luxaire, Goodman, Lennox, or Amana products
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Zoning



  • Full ductwork installations from one supply/heat run, to basement finishes, to complete home ducts
  • Ductwork repairs


Furnace inspections and safety reports

  • Fuel Burning Safety Test and Heating System Test Reports for St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding metro areas
  • Furnace and air conditioning inspections for rentals
  • Truth in Housing Inspections


Full gas line systems, repair, and hook-up

  • Full gas system installations
  • Appliance hook-ups
  • Garage heater hook-up 
  • Garage heater installation with either Garage Guy or Hot Dawg garage heaters 


Chimney liners and caps

  • Chimney caps and liners installed to ensure chimney meets building code requirements
  • Some homes may only need a chimney cap installed
  • Chimney liners are required in cement style chimneys and must meet or be brought to code when a new furnace is installed

Air Quality

Service, Sale and Installation 

  • Air filtration systems
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation systems (HRVs)
  • Air filters
  • UV lamps


Bathroom fan venting

  • Install insulated bathroom fan ventilation systems
  • Proper insulation and how the venting terminates outside greatly effects its efficiency



  • Install insulated dryer ventilation systems 
  • Proper connection, insulation, and how the venting terminates outside greatly effects dryer run time and efficiency
  • Improper dryer venting is the leading cause of house fires today


Carbon Monoxide Testing

Testing and inspection

  • Testing of carbon monoxide levels in furnace
  • Inspection of furnace for cracks in heat exchangers
  • Furnaces should be checked annually for carbon monoxide levels and cracks.

Products, warranty and Rebate information


  • Payne (carrier)
  • Luxaire
  • Goodman
  • Lennox
  • Amana
  • Garage Guy
  • Hot Dawg



Our furnace installations come with a 10 year parts warranty and 2 year labor warranty with the option to purchase a 10-year labor warranty for an additional one time fee of $400.



We do our best to save you money where we can which is why we stay on top of the rebates that are currently taking place. When we visit your home we will check to see if the product you are purchasing has any rebates currently available.

Let us help make your home comfortable and safe for you and your family. Call HeatPro for your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. 651-207-3958